The ultrasound workshop for obstetricians is going to be conducted by Dr. Rama Murthy, who is well known in the whole country for his expertise in ultrasound, academic excellence and also for his passion for teaching.

Learning Objectives:

The purpose of our ultrasound workshop is to enhance and enlighten the obstetricians regarding the various routine and mandatory tests and scans to be done in each trimester of their pregnant patients.

Learning Methods:

Short PowerPoint presentation on individual Andrology tests and procedures followed by Practical demonstration by experienced faculty and opportunities for group learning by allotting enough time for questions and answer.

1 Delegates will get in depth knowledge regarding the maximum basic requirements of first and second trimester ultrasound.
2Role of markers for chromosomal abnormality for risk stratification of genetic, non-genetic syndromes, congenital cardiac disease and their limitations will be discussed.
3 The need to look for any specific soft marker on screening ultrasound and suggest follow-up recommendations will be highlighted.
4 The faculty will discuss how to interpret uterine artery Doppler (UAD) screening as it offers the clinician an opportunity to pre-empt the disease before it manifests clinically and counsel the patients accordingly.
5 One is always vary of the foeti especially in high-risk pregnancy and the fear of sudden unexplained intra uterine death looms large. The ways to predict and prevent such scenarios will be discussed in detail.
6 The role of fetal well-being assessment in third trimester to prevent stillbirth and neonatal loss by successfully identifying Doppler abnormalities, facilitating rapid transfer or escalation of care and appropriate interventions, will be discussed.