Ovulation Induction Workshop

This workshop is conducted by Gunasheela Fertility Centre.

Learning Objectives:

The goal of this workshop is to review the basics and enlighten the audience with recent advances and novel concepts in Ovulation Induction.
The participants will understand the physiology underlying Ovarian Stimulation and the rationale behind Ultrasound Monitoring and biochemical tests during IVF cycles.
The delegates will grasp the state of art techniques of COH to achieve the ideal outcomes in their clinical practice.
Audience will learn individualised approaches to tailor the best stimulation protocol for various etiologies of infertility like PCOS, poor responders, etc.
This workshop will teach clinicians to optimise success rates in ICSI cycles by balancing safety and efficacy.

Learning Methods:

Include series of lectures, panel discussions, interaction with international experts in reproductive endocrinology.