The Andrology Workshop will be conducted by the renowned Dr. Ashok Agarwal, who is the Director of Andrology Center and the Director of Research at the American Center for Reproductive Medicine. He holds these positions at Cleveland Clinic as a Professor.

He has more than 582 scientific papers published, authored over 200 book chapters and presented over 800 papers at both national & international scientific meetings.

Learning Objectives:

The overall goal of this workshop is to offer practical lessons and tips on both routine and advanced laboratory tests for evaluation of patients diagnosed with male infertility.

Learning Methods:

Short PowerPoint presentation on individual Andrology tests and procedures followed by Practical demonstration by experienced faculty and opportunities for group learning by allotting enough time for questions and answer.

1 Delegates will learn the protocol for routine Semen Analysis test for evaluating sperm count, motility and morphology by the WHO Fifth Edition criteria. They will learn the normal and abnormal reference values of important semen parameters and how to interpret the test results.
2Course faculty will explain the principle and protocol for advanced and routine sperm preparation methods employed for assisted reproduction such as: IUI, IVF and ICSI. They will receive tips on how to process semen samples with best quality spermatozoa.
3 Attendees will learn the principle and step by step method for measuring seminal oxidation reduction potential (ORP) using MiOXSYS analyzer. They will learn the indications for ordering this test as well as cut off values for normal and abnormal test and its clinical significance in patients with male infertility.
4 Sperm DNA testing is an advanced test of sperm function which is highly indicated in some cases of male infertility. The delegates will learn not only the principle and methodology for sperm DNA fragmentation (SDF) by two commonly used methods (Halosperm assay and TUNEL method by bench top flow cytometry). The faculty will share indications for this test, its reference value as well as relationship of SDF with in vitro fertility.
5 Semen Cryopreservation is a routine procedure in couples undergoing IVF and ICSI procedures. Also freezing of semen is considered a medically necessary procedure in men diagnosed with cancer who are undergoing chemo or radiation therapy. Delegates will learn the routine and advanced methods used for freezing of semen samples. Faculty will share tips on steps to improve the cryosurvival of sperm cells following freezing and thawing.